Rasvattu Salama, Greased Lightning by Sonja-Sofia

Kuvaaja/Photographer: Sonja-Sofia Thure
Kokemus/Experience: Absolutely none
Email: sonja.thure(at)gmail.com
Kuvan nimi/Name of the photo: Rasvattu Salama/Greased Lightning
Tarina/Story: First and foremost, I see Antti as a great storyteller. He tells stories with his pictures and captures them with his camera. Here, he tells stories with his own words, using his own voice, leading us in his presence to enjoy his great company.
This picture is actually taken by accident, and originally not meant for anywhere else than for the picturetaker to remember a fun evening with a great bunch of people.
Usually Antti lights and sheds his own light to other people, but here he gets the spotlight all to himself. Being a fellow savolainen, I cannot help but be a little cheeky and name this picture of him after a kitchy musical number, which in Finnish has a whole new meaning. Greased Lightning is a piece of music, but Rasvattu Salama is someone who is quick, precise, ingenious and hysterically funny in what he does. Just like Antti.
Laitteet/Gear Used: iPhone + Camera+ App

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